My furniture is made by hand and by commission. Many of my clients have never commissioned anything before. When I get a call, it’s often with a question such as, “I saw a photograph of a table in a magazine, and I would love to have one like it; can you do that?” My answer is always, “Yes, I can make whatever you want,” and we collaborate from there.


I ask you questions. I listen to your answers. What is it you want from this piece? Will a straight reproduction suit your needs or do you want something in the style of a piece you have seen? How will this piece be used? Where will it go?

Once you’ve decided on a style, my proposal will include a quarter-scale drawing with front, top and side views. I’ll also furnish detailed specifications about the woods being used, the joinery, the hardware and finish. We’ll agree on the price, delivery date and any other terms. I always provide finish samples for your approval.

After you’ve approved the design, I choose the wood, board by board, paying close attention to figure, color and character. I cut the pieces, fit the joints, hand plane all surfaces, carve or inlay any embellishments and finish the piece. Clients may decide to be involved in some of these steps, eager to see the “birth” process.

I’ve made pieces large and small – and in prices ranging from $1,000 to nearly $50,000. Whether I’m crafting a chair in the manner of Hepplewhite, a chest in the style of Greene & Greene or a dining table inspired by an Art Moderne antique, the authenticity of the process means the quality and character of the final piece are as true as the original’s. If the piece is a reproduction, it will be faithful to the original; if it is an adaptation it will be faithful to the design we have worked out together. In any case, you’ll have an heirloom piece: elegant yet strong, well-proportioned and graceful, ready to make its beautiful presence felt in your home or office.